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I'm a Mum of 5 kids (3 belly babies and 2 bonus babes - my step-kids!), an entrepreneur, and a young, cruisy, hip, boho, life loving celebrant, who ventured into the world of "spreading the lurve" after searching the universe and back for the perfect celebrant over 10 years ago. I'm not your typical traditional celebrant (there are plenty of those). I'm a funky, chillaxed, hippie and I love to tell your story, help you write your vows, tick off the legal stuff (I have a law degree too... but I'm a lover not a fighter!) and get you married so you can run off into the sunset and live happily ever after!


I have performed over 700 ceremonies since becoming a celebrant in 2011, co-founded Sassy Celebrants with my dear friend, Wed by Kez, and the author of a Naming Ceremonies e-book.

After going through a heart breaking separation and divorce over a number of years, I eloped and married the love of my life in a hidden whiskey bar in Newcastle while 8 months pregnant in June 2022. I truly believe in love, and doing things your own way!

I'm in love with love! And it absolutely fills my heart and soul with light and love to be able to do what I do.

Thank you so much for stopping by! xx

Big love,

Kim x

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