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Every single ceremony I do is different... I became a celebrant because I didn't want "waffle" in my own wedding ceremony. I wanted our ceremony to reflect our style and vibe, and to be authentically us! So that's exactly what I offer to you.

I tell your story - how you met, what you love about each other, some of your funny stories or favourite memories, your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future, and can incorporate meditation and mindfulness if that feels right for you.

I truly believe that the 
ceremony sets the tone for your whole day and night... it's so much more than a 'tick the box' exercise. To me, your ceremony is everything.


Want a really special, beautiful way to welcome your precious little one into the world?


If you're religious, you might have a christening or baptism, but what if you're not? Then you might be interested in celebrating your little man or little lady with a special Naming ceremony which is all about them! No generic templates or services with 15 other children at the same time... something unique to celebrate your whole world - your little one.


I work with you to create an awesome, memorable, personalised ceremony. Unique and one of a kind. Just like your little legend.

You may also be interested in purchasing my downloadable Naming Kit to DIY!



You love them, they love you. You just want that piece of paper.


A registry style ceremony is cheap, quick, simple, and legal.


If you'd like to add your own personal vows, you can! Otherwise, it's the bare minimum to get you legally married.


We can do it at your house, at my house (on my 2 acre property or in my home office or back deck), on the beach, at your favourite cafe or restaurant - wherever you like!

This is a simple template ceremony with 10 guests or less. No PA / music / signing table.


Sadly, there are times we need to celebrate the life of someone we have lost.

I never set out to be a "memorial" celebrant, however these days, not everyone wants a traditional, solemn, gloomy funeral service.


If you find yourself needing a vibrant, colourful celebrant for a celebration of a life, I work with beautiful, grieving families to create completely unique, personalised services for their loved ones.


My fee varies depending on what you need and how far I need to travel from my home in Medowie, NSW.

Registry Style Elopements (legals): From $750

Weddings: From $1200

Namings: From $500

Vow Renewals: From $900

Funerals / Memorials / Celebration of Life: From $600

Meditations / Workshops: Individually quoted

All the feels 💕.jpg
Wedding morning meditations... a time fo

From 19 August 2023, my books are now closed.

I highly recommend checking out Sassy Celebrants and Michelle Faithfull Civil Celebrant

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