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A Naming ceremony is a non-legal ceremony where we celebrate the life of the child and the hopes, dreams and wishes that we have for them as an individual in our world. It also provides an opportunity to recognise important people in the child's life who will love, support and guide them throughout their journey.

This Kit contains absolutely everything you need to create a personalised, unique and truly beautiful ceremony for your precious child including sample ceremony templates, a questionnaire, ritual ideas and sample wording, poems, readings and even printable certificate templates.

It is perfect for families wanting to create a unique, personalised Naming Ceremony (and not feel constrained to a standard, boring template!) and/or for those who may be looking for a "DIY" Naming Ceremony option.

As there are no legal requirements for a Naming Ceremony, anyone can perform the ceremony, and with the help of this Kit, ceremony creation will be a breeze (and hopefully, lots of fun!)

e-book - Naming Ceremony Kit

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